Principal’s Saying



“BAF Shaheen College Chattogram” is a glorious and traditional name in the educational field of Chattogram. An educational institute directed by Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) under the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Chattogram. Since establishment in 1978, the academic curriculum (Bengali Medium) was only limited to Secondary level. But considering the requirement and increased students, the school was upgraded to a higher secondary level during academic year 1985-86. That was not the end. BAF Shaheen School continued to progress in all sphere. To mark the Excellence in education, the school launched the English version under National Curriculum in 2006 and the college section in 2014. Since then this institute is known as BAF Shaheen College Chattogram. Here in Bengali Medium and English version, co-education programs are being run from kg to twelfth class. In addition, to develop the underlying qualities of the students, the curriculum is not only limited to study the prescribed books but also to variety of co-curricular activities. Special emphasis is given to develop moral values and ethics of the students through presentation and lectures. The Principle of this college is ‘Education, Patience and Discipline’. The main objective of this organization is to create good citizens. All activities of the organization are directed solely to the implementation of these principles. Finally, we can proudly say that expert and experienced teachers/academies and counseling board are there to handle the teaching process in a firm way to build honest, patriotic, ideal and valued people.