History of the college

BAF Shaheen College is a glorious and reputed institution in Bangladesh. The institution is located amidst a panoramic natural setting nearby the estuary of Karnafully and the Bay of Bengal. It is situated in the secured and restricted Air Force area and free from all din and bustle of surroundings with an air of peace and comfort. It encompasses a large area with a playground. The lush green has added glamour to the environment of the institution. It possesses a calm and peaceful environment convenient for the study of students. It is directed by Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) under the regulations of Ministry of Education and Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Chattogram. It was established in 1978 as a school and in the session 1985-1986, it was upgraded to Higher Secondary Level. Here co-education is rendered from KG-XII. The institution aims at making students well-educated, honest, healthy and patriotic citizens along with imparting academic teaching. The motto of the institution is “Education- Restraint- Discipline”. All the activities of the college are conducted sincerely with a view to implement the motto. Participation in extra-curricular activities besides learning, discipline and a congenial environment are the salient features of the college.

Skilled and experienced teachers are here to teach the students. They teach in the class with well-prepared lesson plans following the syllabus designed and approved by Bangladesh Air Force. Here, students enjoy multi-media classes. Classes are conducted with modern projectors. New and updated technology is applied in teaching. Apart from this, there is a special provision of extra coaching classes for P.E.C.E, JSC, SSC and HSC candidates. At least two/three model tests are arranged for all examinee batches.

For enriching the co-curricular activities, various clubs like Debate club, Recitation club, Music club, Drawing club, Spoken club, Spelling club, Mathematics club, Drama club, Sports and games club, Science club, Computer club, Literary association, Fine arts club etc are available in this institution. Besides, to flourish the latent talent of every individual student, the college arranges “Inter House wall magazine competition” in every four months and every year Shaheen College Souvenir “Shaheen” is published regularly. The institution is devoted in building up honest, ideal and conscious citizens of the country.